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  1. “Dedicated to Educating Veterinary Technicians”

  2. Our Philosophy

  3. At RHP we believe that education should involve more than just memorizing facts and taking multiple choice tests. As far as we know, no one ever saved an animal’s life by correctly filling in the bubbles on a scantron.  Lives are saved when technicians reason things out; when they are able to apply knowledge and skills. In short, lives are saved when technicians use critical thinking skills. So shouldn’t education teach critical thinking skills? Shouldn’t educators teach future technicians how to think, how to figure things out, how to actually use the information at hand? We think so!  So that’s what we do. We develop materials to teach veterinary technicians “how to think.”

  4. Students

  5. Are you tired of multiple choice tests?

  6. Do you think that educating clients or monitoring anesthesia has anything to do with true / false quizzes?

  7. Do you want to be an active contributor to the medical team that saves the lives of animals?

  8. Instructors

  9. Are you having a difficult time finding educational materials that promotes critical thinking, motivates students and encourages problem solving?

  10. Do you need tools that challenge your students to put knowledge into practice?

  11. Do you want to educate your students in such a way that they can apply their knowledge and become an asset to the veterinary team?

  12. Let Us Help !

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July 2011

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July 2013


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